Wednesday, 30 November 2011

vinyl stickers for print

Here are the vinyl stickers set up for print for the three records covers that I am printing. Side A has the track info on it and side B is one of the Led Zeppelin IV symbols. There is no need to distinguish side A from side B as side B will be obviously unplayable as it will have an image etched into it.

final logo

This will be the final logo that represents the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV.

covers for print

I am going to print and make 3 record covers. Here are the nets with the designs applied to them ready for print.

I have added the logo to the back covers of the designs to unify the range with my other deliverables that I am yet to design.

poster idea

In developing the logo, cracked out a quick poster idea that could come with the vinyl in the sleeve. Obviously this would have to be a square format. This is just a basic black and white idea. I will take it forward I reckon.

POSTER COPY TEXT - The copy 'forty years gone' is quite significant in relevance to Led Zeppelin. I got this idea from the Led Zeppelin song 'Ten Years Gone'. This track does not appear on Led Zeppelin IV (if it did, then it would have been a conceptual bonus) but it still links in with the subject matter. Ten Years Gone actually appears two albums later on Physical Graffiti.

led zeppelin iv 40th anniversary logo ideas

Here is how I developed my logo for this 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV celebration. I was actually quite set on using roman numerals but this soon changed into a whole new idea. It was designed at quite a fast pace, but let's face it, I haven't got the time to be screwing about with it.

The final logo:

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

final 7" record designs

These are my final record designs (subject to minor changes pre-print). Each Issuu document flips through as you would flip open the record cover itself starting with the front cover, then the inner and then the back cover. These are in track order of the album also:

7" vinyl net

This is the net for my 7" records to fit into. The square is 183mm x 183mm. This should be just right for the vinyl to slot into.

I have also provided an illustration of how the cover will work:

alternative poster ideas

With the banner idea out the window due to the space we wanted being taken up by typogateaux posters, Josh and I have opted for a more sensible option. A2 poster and A2 sign up sheet.

latest pool tournament poster idea

I thought including a pool ball might be wise. I'm keen to keep the crazy pattern. I still don't think this is working well though. This composition is too loose and separate.

Monday, 28 November 2011

lyrics layouts for inner of front cover

As the title says. I'm thinking that perhaps the Led Zeppelin logo might need to be somewhere on here as a slight alteration.

inner sleeve lyrics design and type

Here is the design and type consideration for the lyrics on the inner side of the front cover on the record sleeve.

I have used the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven as this song contains the most lyrics. This has helped me gauge the fact that the other songs will fit into this template as they have less lyrics.

type consideration for inner sleeve track title

Considering type for the inner sleeve track title. I have tried out all 4 of Led Zeppelin's standard fonts as well as other suggestions. I think I will go with the first one. Using a Led Zeppelin font makes sense and this one works best out of all of them.

the 10 square grid

In the previous posted idea, I used a 10 square grid. This was an informed decision based on the fact that with the way the concept works, it would have to accomodate the longest word in any of the track titles. This word being 'California' from the track 'Going to California' at 10 letters long. So this content has dictated the aesthetics of this design idea.

This shows it function in the square grid:

conceptual idea taken further

I have had a look at taking this idea that I came up with earlier forward into a developed concept and design.

The original Led Zeppelin IV album actually has no name and absolutely no text on any of the design to distinguish it distinctly lexically. As a homage to this radical concept for its time, I want to keep an element of this in my own designs.

Keeping with the idea of breaking the album up into pieces (refer to the linked idea) i added the grid of squares with some missing. It becomes clear why the squares are missing when the 7" cover is opened as the missing squares are in position where they would be on the front stating the title of the track.

Led Zeppelin IV was a very mysterious album with its lack of title and explanation of album elements - including the famous 4 symbols that are associated with the album - so this idea of mystery and hiding is becoming part of my main concept along with the breaking up of the actual album cover into 8 parts.

Here is how the idea would work:

Front cover

Inner of sleeve

Back cover

more 7" cover ideas for range

These are more ideas for the 7" covers range focussing mainly around the 4 symbols that are associated with Led Zeppelin IV. I am not please with how this is progressing and I am finding this pretty hard to come to a design that I am happy with.

ministry of sound research

Here is my research about the Ministry of Sound. I have focussed my research around the Ministry of Sound club in London as this is what the brief is based around. After a while of researching I kept finding that different sources kept repeating what other sources were saying. I have a good idea about how the club functions, the audience it attracts and the vibe it goes for.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

final envelope design on net

The final envelope design on the net. This is ready for print.

measuring address position for letterhead

This screenshot shows how the letter will fit into the envelope. By copy and pasting the blue shape with the letterhead information that will be shown on the top third of the letter (top third as it is folded into three) onto the envelope design, I can position the address hole on the design. This in turn has allowed me to position the address correctly on the letter.

envelope ideas

Here are the general envelope ideas. They are designed to fit the the business card that is posted below this post.

final business card design

The design for the front and back of the business card. This will dictate the design of the envelope to fit in with the stationary range:

Friday, 25 November 2011

final letterhead design test print

This is the test print of my final letterhead design. I am happy with the margin spacing and the size of the logo. It gives the design more of a balance.

letterhead design on closer inspection

Printing made me pick up on details that have a big effect on the design. The logo is clearly too big and I feel that the margins on the edge of the page are not big enough. I feel as is the address is hugging the edge of the page too much. These changes will be made.

letterhead decision making

I took my preferred letterheads into InDesign to construct them around a basic grid. These three designs are how my design developed. Also, printing out the ideas helped me decide which one to take forward. I took forward the first design.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

pool sign up sheet

Sign up sheet to match banner. Long and thin is a format that Josh and I want to stick to.

further development of idea

I have developed an idea for the banner with some more detail. I really like this idea. Josh and I are keen to design something that plays with the eyes in an almost optical illusion-like way. The problem with this idea is the sheer file size. It is extremely difficult to manage in illustrator when working on it. This is such a hindrance that it has made us decide to move to something a bit more simple. The images show the detail of the design.

banner designs

Josh and I have decided to create a banner as the format for our pool tournament poster. This is based on our concept of something that is 'unmissable'. We are pretty keen to work big with an unusual visual effect. We think it's important to have a bit of fun on this to get away from the sincerity of other briefs. Here are my ideas that I have put forward for the banner:

letterhead test prints

As I did with the business cards, I have test printed each letterhead design. This was extremely useful as my design choice on screen was greatly changed through printing the designs.

The design that I have chosen to develop into the final letterhead is photographed closely.

business card consideration

I have printed out my business card ideas on the laserjets in the mac suite in order to help me decide which front and back to use. It was useful for judging point size of fonts and simply for the general idea of seeing them in a printed format.

letterhead ideas

Ideas for brewery letterheads. These ideas do not fully take into account the legality of letterheads. However, they would only require tweaking of information in order to do so. My final letterhead will take this into consideration.

brief building and understanding

This is from Thursday the 24th's session with Fred that I took part in to kick-start my brief and to make myself much more aware of how to begin approaching it. The session was very helpful in making me aware of the task that I am faced with in the time I have. Frankly, I am concerned at how much I have to do with only myself to blame for my time management and decision making. But I suppose it wouldn't be right if it wasn't a challenge!

The key board here for me is the one that states the problems in the brief. I found outlining this much more useful than anything else.

printing beer mats - error

In printing the beer mats, I made an error on the design. The ABV of each ale needs to be clear on the beer mat. On these prints, it is meant to be under where it says 'Hyde Park Brewery'. It is too dark. I have since reprinted them the ABVs a lot clearer.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

business card ideas

Ideas for the fronts and backs for a business card for brewery personal to carry on their person. It seems that simple is more effective. A cluttered business card suggests a cluttered business I guess!



Tuesday, 22 November 2011

final posters

The posters that I have decided on.

Monday, 21 November 2011

final posters (choice of two)

I have two directions to choose from with the poster promotion for the Penguin Dystopia series. I like both. However, one option is riskier than the other. I have the choice of the safe, obvious answer option, or the more risky, creative option. I am drawn to the latter but I want to get advice before I commit to print.

Safe & Obvious

Risky & Different

test prints with books - decision making

I have taken a few photographs of the test prints with the books to visually clarify how the posters fit with the books in the range. This has helped me come to a decision which will be clarified in the next post.

I have decided to drop the idea of an overall poster that encompasses all four books along with individual posters for all of the books. Instead I have opted for just the 4 posters and I have found a method of linking them together to clarify that each of them are associated with other posters. Here are my photos of the books working with the posters:

test print of experimental layout poster

Test print of experimental layout poster. Printing this gave me a better idea of how it would work in print context as it is particularly difficult to judge on screen.

It doesn't work too badly. The date is visible first which does not work in order of hierarchy. It would almost certainly help to try out switching the date with the Penguin Dystopia logo.

b&w print tests of poster set ideas

Prints tests of potential poster set ideas to determine how well they work as sets. This was very useful as I am having trouble making decisions here. This is certainly not a good thing.

ideas for individual book posters

Here are ideas for series' of 4 posters with a poster representing each individual book in the range.

further poster development

Further development of posters with much more experimental layout involving photos of the authors and new placement of the authors surnames within the central image of the layout. I quite like this direction although I think it could be too experimental for the purpose. Communication ends up being a bit too distorted.

The first poster here is where the ideas after it came from. The first poster may be taken forward.

poster test prints

Test prints were very useful in understanding the poster as a printed product. I have made comments and suggestions on print errors and how the design can be changed.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

poster promotion development

With consideration of the previous paper-based layout ides, I have produced poster ideas that have developed in Illustrator and InDesign. The posters progressively developed as they go on. The conclusion of the book titles takes from the illustrations layered over each other with different opacities is a potential direction for the brand of the series.

poster promotion layout ideas + copy ideas

Layout ideas for poster-based promotion for the Penguin Dystopia range of books. Most ideas attempt to work with the 4 cover illustrations that I designed for the books.

I have come up with suggestions for copy to run with the promotion of the books. Based around the fact that these Dystopian novels are frequently compared to todays society and how todays society is developing.

Copy Ideas

Layout Ideas

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

audio book proposals

Here are the proposals for the CD audio books for the 4 books in the Penguin Dystopia range: