Wednesday, 14 December 2011

ougd301 module evaluation

I have to admit that I was apprehensive at the start of this module, which of course marked the start of first year. When Fred casually explained in an early briefing that all we have for OUGD301 is to do is our Product, Range & Distribution module from second year times four, this sounded simple enough. However, simple is not quite the word that I would use for how this module unfolded. In my case, I would certainly put this down to unorthodox time management.

My methods of time management involved occasionally scrawling important times and dates into my diary, as well as on my calendar at home. This worked to some extent in the grand scheme of things. However, problems arose when I had to begin dividing my day into segments to work on several projects at a time. I did cope in the end, but it would have been a lot easier had I constructed some sort of schedule with mini deadlines to meet. One of my main mistakes was not giving myself these deadlines. I should have finished my first two briefs way earlier than I did which would have given me more time for other projects, balancing out the input I had on each of them. This will definitely need addressing

One thing that I feel like I have actually improved on is my methods of blogging. I’ve been linking things together and keeping the tag toolbar clean with only the relevant tags available to click on making it way more user friendly. I have also got into a good habit of blogging my work as I go as opposed to not blogging whilst working and having to catch up a hell of a lot before crits and deadlines.

As far as progression with knowledge of software has come, I have been constantly been picking up tips and tricks as I go which – I hope – are slowly snowballing into an amalgamation of good software knowledge that will enable me to work much quicker on the Adobe programs improving my efficiency and work production as a designer. I have found my self using Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and even Adobe Bridge at points in progression with my work. Mike Flower’s Indesign workshops were fantastically helpful. They certainly increased my knowledge of Indesign and helped me feel much more confident with the program. Other tips have simply come from peers in the studio. It’s surprising how much you learn from other people and it’s also surprising how much you can help people. It’s a wonderful never-ending cycle of knowledge.

I’m pretty sure that anyone would agree that the workload has increased significantly this year. And in almost all cases, more work means more stress. I have been pretty determined to avoid stress and to let it get to me this year as I was fully aware that the work this year was going to hit me like a brick. And it sure did. I have done my best to avoid stress by keeping in a good mood as much as I can. Working in a relatively informal studio environment helps a great deal. Without the odd spell of laughter the studio can seem far too dreary for something that is supposed to be a buzzing creative environment. Music has played a large factor in this. Whilst working on my placement over summer, music was constantly playing in the studio. It simply lifts the mood and this makes a lot of sense to me now.

I definitely could have been more prepared for crits in almost all crit circumstances. I seemed to always find myself running around at the last minute and scuffling pieces of design work together to display some sort of progression with my work. Although I did get great feedback in almost all my crits, I know it would have been even better had I prepared properly for them by having a bit more decorum to the presentation of my work.

One thing that I started doing late on in the module was using the screens provided by the college that can connect to laptops. Providing I got in early enough to grab one to use, I fully understood the benefits of using one. It much clearer designing on them and I intend to keep on using them.

I mentioned there, ‘… if I got in early enough to use (a screen)’. This is an issue that needs addressing. I worked out that my average time of arrival had probably been somewhere around 10 in the morning. I should be starting at half 9. I admit that this is a bit lax, however, I think staying late till at least 7pm and 9pm frequently plus working into the night at home can justify a slightly later start. Nevertheless, if I’m going to make the most of my time here, I should be starting early.

All in all, this module has been a fantastic push forward in my developing career as a designer. It has been a good experience shuffling around which projects to work on and learning how to prioritise certain things over others. It is a skill that needs developing but you have to start somewhere.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

final submission boards

These are my final project boards for submission. Briefs can be found here.







square thumbnail for twitter page

Amber has asked me to provide her with a square thumb for the LCABAGD twitter page. Here it is:

An alternative design:

Monday, 12 December 2011

pool tournament poster photos

I have gathered a few snaps of the pool tournament poster and sign up sheet to finalise this small brief. Also to use a couple of photos on a project board for it.

photos of printed poster

Photos of the final three printed posters. I have not fully photoshopped photos that will not be going on boards.

photos of magazine and cd

Shots of my MOJO magazine cover, back cover advert and free CD packaging:

photos of records

Here are photos of my three printed records. Some have not been entirely photoshopped as I do not intend on using them on my boards.

poster promotion photos

Photos of the posters advertising the books including the final fully photoshopped one for board usage.

full product shot photos

Here are some product shot photos that I have taken. Some have been photoshopped to get the background of the photography booth out and some haven't. This kind of shot would be a good impact board for the project.

brewery stationary photos

Much like with the beer mats, I have enjoyed seeing how I can photograph the brewery stationary. Standard layouts of stationary seem to work best although playing around with the business cards was fun and interesting.

beer mat photos

Photos I have taken of my beer mats to potentially use on final project boards. I enjoyed experimenting with how the mats could be presented in different ways.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

audio books proposed on itunes

Proposals for the audiobooks on itunes as a method of conveying the books in MP3 format.

audio books proposed on ipod touch

Proposal presentation for use of audio books on digital media. The ipod touch communicates that these books can be listened to in MP3 format.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

final 10 posters

Here are my final 10 Ministry of Sound posters. I have applied the marbling edits. My decisions of which marbling edits to used were strongly based around which images would print best as some of the marbling images I found did not have adequate resolutions for printing. Although I am only printing three, I have worked as if I was printing all of them. This is good for my 'professional practice' I guess.

marbling edits

Here I have edited some of the marbling images that I have found to be much more vibrant to suit Ministry of Sound. Here are my Photoshop edits:

Friday, 9 December 2011

poster test prints

Poster test prints. I have put 2 A3s together to test the point size of the 'generic' copy' on the side of the poster. This works absolutely fine at this size. It doesn't need improving. Otherwise I was testing to see how the marbling works with the type. It works pretty well as seen in the colour A3 print. It is definitely a direction that I will be taking forward over 10 posters. Bright colours and marbling is a way forward from here.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


I have begun looking at the background to the poster. Something interesting with impact is necessary due to the fact that the type alone on a bold colour looks rather weak.

This is how the background developed. I ended up looking at a vibrant, almost psychedelic, marble art background. This is looking like a positive direction for the poster series.

CD Designs fro Mojo magazine free CD.

new format, new type

A look at some more distinct typefaces for the Saturday Sessions posters with the new poster format.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

final crit boards

change of formt. again.

I have had a look at changing the format of the poster. It runs much more fluidly like this.

pool poster done

change of decision of poster type

After a mini crit with a couple of people on my progress here after poor decision making at unsociable hours in the early morning with nobody to consult, I have reverted to using a sans serif typeface for the DJ listings. In fact I have decided to use the typeface Avenir for the whole poster. Happy days.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

narrowing idea down

I have narrowed the poster down a bit by playing with the Saturday Sessions heading and fine-tuning the copy. I have also added a bit of colour to begin to bring this into play.

saturday session heading

I have had a play with the Saturday Sessions type in illustrator to see what I can do with it to make it more distinct and original to define the Saturday Session nights a bit more:

decided poster format

After assessing the situation, I have decided to go with the following design to extend across my range of posters. The type that I have decided on is;

Heading & Bottom Copy: Avenir
DJ Listings: ITC New Baskerville

The heading type will change in accordance to what night is on.

copy type consideration

I have considered the type for the DJ listings copy on the poster. After doing this I thought that having another sans serif typeface for this blended the 'Saturday Sessions' heading too much with the rest of the text. Sans serif prevailed.

I have pretty much decided on Avenir as the heading typeface for Saturday Sessions. The 'generic' copy at the bottom of the poster has also changed to Avenir.

I will take forward a sans serif typeface to take across the poster range.

Here is my consideration:

saturday sessions title type

Here I have put together my favourite layout idea. Working in black and white, I have explored typeface ideas for the 'Saturday Session' header. I will take my favourite ones forward to explore what type I can use for the DJ listings.

drawn poster layouts

I have produced a few layout ideas to take forward onto the computer. I have been working alongside the given information for the posters. I have tried to work with the most information needed for a poster. I worked out that 9 DJs is the most needed to fit on a poster, so I have been trying to design around this as it would make it a lot easier to design other posters with less DJs playing.

I have been sticking to a rough 4 column grid.

Monday, 5 December 2011

free cd sleeve

This is the CD sleeve set out for print. This includes the fron cover. The inner of the sleeve simply states the track details of the CD. These are the legal requirements. The reverse of the outer of the sleeve has a small review of the album. I found this on the interent. It is poorly written but it fit the space. This content would be given to me in a real design situation. There is also a real quote from Jimmy Page.

Outer of sleeve

Inner of sleeve

free cd back cover

This is the back cover for the free Mojo CD. This is set up for print. It also includes the spines of the CD.

pool poster and sign up sheet

These are the final designs for the pool tournament poster and sign up sheet that Josh and I will be putting up.

cover in context of magazine cover design

This is my decided CD cover working with the Mojo Magazine cover I designed. I is sitting on the cover as it would with an issue in the shops. I feel that the cd and cover design work well enough together to consider them unified. I will take this further.

decided free cd cover design

This is the cover design that I have decided on:

mojo free cd cover ideas

A couple of CD cover considerations for the free CD that is to come with the Mojo Magazine. They are designed to work with the graphics of the Mojo cover as this appears to be how all the free CDs are designed for the magazine.

ministry of sound copy text

This is the copy text provided by Ministry of Sound for the different nights at the club that I am to design posters for. I will be referring to this constantly in my design process. There is info for 13 nights although I will be producing 10 posters.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

mojo magazine front, spine and back advert

This is the decided Mojo cover. including the spine. The CD is yet to be designed although the space left for it is made clear. This is missing from the final design.

decided advert design

This is the advert design that I decided on. The main reason is that it clearly displays the 'Forty Years Gone' logo in the best way with the other necessary information of the advert.

advert for back of mojo ideas

An advert for the limited edition 7" records to sit on the back of the issue of Mojo Magazine. This links the 40th anniversary celebration together with the vinyls and the magazine. Here is my investigation of ideas:

Saturday, 3 December 2011

cover design and copy decision making

I have composed a final cover design using information from the actual November 2011 issue of Mojo Magazine. I have tried out different copy underneath the main 'LED ZEPPELIN' text on the cover.

Friday, 2 December 2011

mojo cover design development

I have drafted together the beginnings of a cover design for the November 2011 Mojo Magazine with the Mojo logo, barcode, and space for the free CD and a photo of Led Zeppelin together that fits in the format nicely.

I have considered the type after investigating previous Mojo magazine covers. It seems that they only seem to use 1 or 2 typefaces on the front cover design. The most noticeable text is always the name of the featured band or artist.

So I have looked at the type to be used for 'LED ZEPPELIN' and an accompanying bit of copy to communicate the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV celebration.

The copy may be shortened to 'IV AT 40' if I feel that the rest of the design (including the CD cover that will feature) will comfortable communicate what I want. For the moment, 'LED ZEPPELIN IV AT 40' seems fit. Although I'm not sure about repeating the band name in the main text.

Here is how I progressed with the design:

STAGE 1 (Led Zeppelin)

STAGE 2 (Copy Text)

STAGE 3 (Potential Type Directions)

STAGE 4 (Favourite Type Direction)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

packaging illustration

This is a sequential illustration of how my vinyl packaging will work. I did this to clearly convey it. The record and the poster come out of slots from the inside of the packaging. The format has changed slightly from THIS.

final poster for print

Here is the final poster set up for print:

consideration of composition

I thought I would consider some slight composition changes. I think the content needs a little breathing space between it and the edge of the poster:

poster format change consideration

Considering a long thin poster that folds into the vinyl sleeve. I won't go with this as it tampers with the format of my decided logo too much. But here it is anyway:

vinyl poster accompaniment

These are ideas for a poster accompaniment that will slot into the vinyl sleeve. This extends the range and also helps to clarify that these vinyls are a celebration of 40 years since the release of Led Zeppelin IV.

I have used the colour ruby in some ideas as an idea that relates to the fact that Ruby is the traditional gem of the 40th wedding anniversary. A bit of a conceptual link. Thought it would be nice to try. I don't think it works too well though.

vinyl proposals

These are the proposals for each of the 8 7" records. The proposals have the sticker designs that I have designed for each track for both sides of the vinyl.

Side B of each vinyl is a proposed etching of the band member that is associated with the symbol on the sticker. (Each member has their own symbol on the album.)

Etching an image onto vinyl is certainly possible. I gained this idea from The White Stripes 7" vinyl single Rag & Bone that can be found HERE on my design context blog.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

vinyl stickers for print

Here are the vinyl stickers set up for print for the three records covers that I am printing. Side A has the track info on it and side B is one of the Led Zeppelin IV symbols. There is no need to distinguish side A from side B as side B will be obviously unplayable as it will have an image etched into it.

final logo

This will be the final logo that represents the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV.

covers for print

I am going to print and make 3 record covers. Here are the nets with the designs applied to them ready for print.

I have added the logo to the back covers of the designs to unify the range with my other deliverables that I am yet to design.

poster idea

In developing the logo, cracked out a quick poster idea that could come with the vinyl in the sleeve. Obviously this would have to be a square format. This is just a basic black and white idea. I will take it forward I reckon.

POSTER COPY TEXT - The copy 'forty years gone' is quite significant in relevance to Led Zeppelin. I got this idea from the Led Zeppelin song 'Ten Years Gone'. This track does not appear on Led Zeppelin IV (if it did, then it would have been a conceptual bonus) but it still links in with the subject matter. Ten Years Gone actually appears two albums later on Physical Graffiti.

led zeppelin iv 40th anniversary logo ideas

Here is how I developed my logo for this 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV celebration. I was actually quite set on using roman numerals but this soon changed into a whole new idea. It was designed at quite a fast pace, but let's face it, I haven't got the time to be screwing about with it.

The final logo:

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

final 7" record designs

These are my final record designs (subject to minor changes pre-print). Each Issuu document flips through as you would flip open the record cover itself starting with the front cover, then the inner and then the back cover. These are in track order of the album also:

7" vinyl net

This is the net for my 7" records to fit into. The square is 183mm x 183mm. This should be just right for the vinyl to slot into.

I have also provided an illustration of how the cover will work:

alternative poster ideas

With the banner idea out the window due to the space we wanted being taken up by typogateaux posters, Josh and I have opted for a more sensible option. A2 poster and A2 sign up sheet.

latest pool tournament poster idea

I thought including a pool ball might be wise. I'm keen to keep the crazy pattern. I still don't think this is working well though. This composition is too loose and separate.

Monday, 28 November 2011

lyrics layouts for inner of front cover

As the title says. I'm thinking that perhaps the Led Zeppelin logo might need to be somewhere on here as a slight alteration.

inner sleeve lyrics design and type

Here is the design and type consideration for the lyrics on the inner side of the front cover on the record sleeve.

I have used the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven as this song contains the most lyrics. This has helped me gauge the fact that the other songs will fit into this template as they have less lyrics.