Friday, 2 December 2011

mojo cover design development

I have drafted together the beginnings of a cover design for the November 2011 Mojo Magazine with the Mojo logo, barcode, and space for the free CD and a photo of Led Zeppelin together that fits in the format nicely.

I have considered the type after investigating previous Mojo magazine covers. It seems that they only seem to use 1 or 2 typefaces on the front cover design. The most noticeable text is always the name of the featured band or artist.

So I have looked at the type to be used for 'LED ZEPPELIN' and an accompanying bit of copy to communicate the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV celebration.

The copy may be shortened to 'IV AT 40' if I feel that the rest of the design (including the CD cover that will feature) will comfortable communicate what I want. For the moment, 'LED ZEPPELIN IV AT 40' seems fit. Although I'm not sure about repeating the band name in the main text.

Here is how I progressed with the design:

STAGE 1 (Led Zeppelin)

STAGE 2 (Copy Text)

STAGE 3 (Potential Type Directions)

STAGE 4 (Favourite Type Direction)

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