Monday, 28 November 2011

conceptual idea taken further

I have had a look at taking this idea that I came up with earlier forward into a developed concept and design.

The original Led Zeppelin IV album actually has no name and absolutely no text on any of the design to distinguish it distinctly lexically. As a homage to this radical concept for its time, I want to keep an element of this in my own designs.

Keeping with the idea of breaking the album up into pieces (refer to the linked idea) i added the grid of squares with some missing. It becomes clear why the squares are missing when the 7" cover is opened as the missing squares are in position where they would be on the front stating the title of the track.

Led Zeppelin IV was a very mysterious album with its lack of title and explanation of album elements - including the famous 4 symbols that are associated with the album - so this idea of mystery and hiding is becoming part of my main concept along with the breaking up of the actual album cover into 8 parts.

Here is how the idea would work:

Front cover

Inner of sleeve

Back cover

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