Thursday, 27 October 2011

testing cover designs with layouts

Here are my decided covers illustrations with different layouts that unify them as a range of four books. Layouts without a solid colour beneath the text caused problems for the Nineteen Eighty-Four illustration as it is designed to run off a page to give the impression of endlessness to the numbers.

The chances are that I will go with one of the non-orange designs to accomodate the Nineteen Eighty-Four cover.

I tried unifying the orange black and white colour scheme with the illustrations on idea 6. It takes the effect away from the cover illustration so I didn't try it on any others. This too is another reason I will be using one of the designs with the black block ground over the text.

Series Idea 1

Series Idea 2

Series Idea 3

Series Idea 4

Series Idea 5

Series Idea 6

Series Idea 7

Series Idea 8

Series Idea 9

Series Idea 10

Series Idea 11

Series Idea 12

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