Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ideas for brewery theme

This is a key decision making point. I need a theme for the ales of my brewery that will help me to dictate my brand for the Hyde Park Brewery.

One very important  element in my brief is that I want to expand ale out of the stereotype of the much older drinker to a younger, more diverse audience that is primarily male orientated. In order to do this I want to maintain a very universal and open theme to the beers. That do not target any specific or niche audience. For example, a range of ales named after famous rugby players would not be suitable. The following are my ideas for ranges with potential ales for the ranges:

  • Summer Ale
  • Winter Ale
  • Autumn Ale
  • Spring Ale
  • Christmas Ale
  • Halloween Ale
  • New Years Ale
  • St. Georges Day Ale
  • Valentines Ale
  • Easter Ale
There are many more ales that could be added to this list. Time is something that everyone can relate to. Seasonal ales do not target a niche market as a subject matter. They are a universal theme.

  • Hyde Park Ale (After Woodhouse Moor)
  • Leeds Owl Ale (Symbol of Leeds)
  • Aire Ale (River Aire)
  • Millenium Ale (Millenium Square)
  • Bridgewater Place Ale (The Dalek)
  • Corn Exchange Ale
  • Brodrick Ale (After Cuthbert Brodrick Architect of Leeds Town Hall)
  • Leeds Festival Ale (For Leeds Music Festival)
Although these ales are specific to Leeds, the concept does not rely on solely people from Leeds drinking the ales. However, seasons are much more universal.

  • January - New Year Ale
  • February - Valentines Ale
  • March - St. Patrick's Day Ale
  • April - April Fools Ale
  • May - May Day Ale
  • June - Gay Pride Ale?
  • July - ? (Not a lot seems to happen in July.)
  • August - International Beers Day Ale (Not a lot seems to happen in August.)
  • September - Oktoberfest Ale?
  • October - Halloween Ale
  • November - Bonfire Night Ale
  • December - Christmas Ale
This is based around the seasonal ales. The idea is to draw more of a group out of the theme. This proved quite difficult do to the lack of appropriate holidays in the summer period.

So to conclude, the theme I will be using for the beers of Hyde Park Brewery will be:


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