Tuesday, 3 May 2011

product, range and distribution - statement of intent

With one of the main areas of focus for Beethoven being the celebration of his music, I have the intention of the general focus of aesthetic revolving around contemporary graphic design. It is this aesthetic that will be responsible for helping Beethoven fit into our contemporary age. The desired design will become clear after a series of ideas are considered.


As I am focussing around Beethoven’s nine symphonies, I have decided that my focus product of focus will be his symphonies on vinyl record. I have chosen vinyl record in particular due to their huge rejuvenation and trend at the moment amongst ‘hipsters’ and all general music enthusiasts. It is something that I feel is conceptually relevant for blending the classical context of Beethoven with the contemporary age. It is conceptually a postmodern approach. The vinyl record will involve designing the record cover itself (front, spine and back), potentially the inner sleeve that holds the record and the circular sticker that sticks to the centre of the vinyl record.


As well as working as a range of nine different record covers for each of the nine symphonies, the vinyl record has great potential for range expansion. The obvious extension is the transition to CD covers from record covers. The vinyl records may come with limited edition posters also. Taking the medium of music further, the next step in a range would be MP3s. This ultimately leads to the designing of a website where the MP3s can be bought. The symphonies can also be proposed as being sold on itunes and other MP3 purchasing websites. On top of this the standard promotion via citywide posters and billboards would be necessary. I would also like to extend this range to performances of the symphonies at the Royal Albert Hall to coincide with the rerelease of the symphonies.


Print based – Records and CDs are to be distributed via retail so this is what they will be designed for. T-shirts also fit into the category of retail. Posters and billboards are distributed via locations convenient for public advertising so this will be considered in their design. Royal Albert Hall performance will link to the distribution of the products as a supportive element.

Screen based – The main area here is the website. This is a key area of focus for sale of the music itself, which is fueled by one of the fastest growing methods of distribution, the Internet. Public advertising promotion will direct consumers to the website.

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