Tuesday, 3 May 2011

product, range and distribution - rationale

After breaking down the chosen briefs that I chose, I came up with the idea to redesign and promote Beethoven’s nine symphonies. The process should involve keeping Beethoven alive in the world of music – something of a rejuvenation. They say trends come around again, so why not Beethoven, two hundred and three years after his famous fifth symphony was completed? Beethoven’s has been appearing in popular culture – particularly on film and TV – for years now. The film Soylent Green (1973) and A Clockwork Orange (book – 1962, film – 1971) are just two examples that come to mind. I want to keep his music alive through contemporary graphic design just as popular culture has been doing so.

I want to do this as since about the age of sixteen when doing my GCSEs I began listening to classical music whilst revising. Beethoven became something of a preference and my liking for his music grew and grew. This was further influenced by my recognition of his music in films such as the ones mentioned above. Furthermore, it came to my attention that I wasn’t the only one who was listening to classical music whilst doing work and revising. I continue to have a big appreciation for Beethoven’s music. I am working with his symphonies as they are generally considered his major masterpieces in music and they are a good reflection of his unequivocally excellent musical ability. His music should never be forgotten.

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