Thursday, 26 May 2011

ougd203 module evaluation

This module has certainly been a new step into my ever-developing world of graphic design. Something that has been a very significant factor to development has been much more self-directed brief writing. This process – although present throughout the entire year – has been much more prominent in this particular module. Brief writing seminars during the YCN brief were extremely useful for me in understanding the process of breaking down a brief and how important it is for how the aesthetic of a design comes together. The freedom in brief writing for product, range and distribution was something of a breath of fresh air. It allowed me to construct a brief based around something I have wanted to do for a while now – redesign Beethoven’s 9 symphonies. This level of freedom to a brief allowed me to get much more involved in what I was doing and I would probably even say that I enjoyed it much more than answering a given brief, such as the Glayva YCN brief I did with Chris.

Working in collaboration for the first time in a year was certainly interesting. I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive to begin with based on previous collaborative experiences. However, it went much better than I anticipated. Chris and I seemed to work pretty smoothly alongside each other managing our workflow efficiently. We agreed at the start of the project that both of us should always be working on something different and this simple agreement on top of all the other specifics allowed us to produce a decent amount of work to a decent standard. This experience has made me much more open to the option of collaboration in the future. However, I think it is imperative that you work with someone with the right skill sets you need. As Chris specialised in type and I specialised in image, this worked very well for us.

One of the main skills have picked up during the course of the module has been Adobe Dreamweaver. Much like After Effects in the previous module, opening this up for the very first time was very daunting, as I have never dealt with the program before. Luckily for me, the tutorials were amazingly helpful. Simon was fantastic at communicating the Dreamweaver basics which subsequently aided me in producing my first working website. (At this point I feel it is relevant to mention that all of the bubble were absolutely brilliant throughout the entire module. Those guys should get a pay rise or something.) I am still weary of Dreamweaver, as I must admit that I found it quite frustrating. However, towards the tail end of my website I found myself understanding it a lot more and could see myself getting used to it if I used it more. After all, I have no choice as I plan to make my own website as part of my PPD at some point. Dreamweaver is a necessary evil to me.

General work ethic is improving – particularly in the latter half of this module. However, I feel that this is partially due to my enjoyment in being engaged with the freedom of entirely writing my own brief. There has also certainly been an element of determination to finish the year also, which has made me press on with work.

In all my evaluations to date, I am pretty sure that I have mentioned time management as being something of an anomaly to my work ethic. I can’t say that I have ever kept any kind of a strict written method of time management to my workload throughout my entire academic career. This is certainly not necessarily a good thing. However, I feel like I have managed my time effectively throughout this whole module. I feel like I have always created enough of a window of time in order to complete whatever it is that I am doing. Although even if this has been the case, I know that I will have to be following a pretty strict work schedule next year due to the amount of work that I am expecting to receive.

In general, I am pretty pleased with how I have progressed throughout the module. Product, range and distribution has definitely opened my eyes up to new systems of working and it has shed light what is in store next year. Given this freedom of brief writing and self-directed working, I sincerely look forward to being able to write my own briefs next year. But of course this does not mean that I should dismiss looking forward to briefs that have much more of a structure. What is good about what I have learnt is that you can take structured briefs and break them down to suit how you want to view them within the requirements. There can be creativity in breaking down a given brief in exactly the same way as there is creativity in writing your own. Bring on third year.

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