Thursday, 19 May 2011

beethoven's 9 royal albert hall performance publication

I have put together a proposal for a publication to accompany the 9 days of performances of Beethoven's 9 symphonies at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The idea is that the publication contains information about the history of all 9 symphonies as an addition to the celebration of these works. Attendees of either of the 9 performances will receive a publication should they choose to. There is also a link to the website for the range to link everything together. This is where anyone will be able to purchase vinyls, CDs or mp3s of the symphonies.

I have used filler text for the layouts as this is a proposal for what the publication would look like.

Each double page spread is for an individual symphony. The images are of the aging faces of Beethoven that pass with the progression of his symphonies over time. Each symphony layout has another image also. This is simply an image of something that would be mentioned in the text that is relevant to the symphony itself. This tends to be an image of who the symphony was dedicated to or a segment of the original script that Beethoven wrote himself.

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