Wednesday, 27 April 2011

brief building

The following are the 5 briefs that I chose from the extensive list of briefs that we were given. I highlighted key elements that were significant within the briefs that made them unique as well as bits that interested me.

After taking a through look at the brief I wrote down three things that interested me about each brief:

Then I took these briefs and broke them up in the following table based on the potentiality that they had to offer:

So after racking my brain after this exercise it drew me down the direction of the subject matter being music and I came up with the following:

SUBJECT - Ludwig Van Beethoven
PROBLEM - Rejuvenating his music
PRODUCT - Record box set of his 9 symphonies
RANGE - 9 LP sleeve designs (to work on record covers and cds), Box set design, website, t-shirt(s) and public advertisement
MEDIA - Internet, packaging, clothing, print advertisement

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