Wednesday, 16 March 2011

progress crit boards

These boards outline Chris and I's visual idea development in the project so far. We have come to a conclusion on an aesthetic, however, we are showing all our potential ideas that we have tried out as propositions.

Typeface ideas

Poster image idea variations

'Splash bottle' colour ideas for Glayva liqueur and mixers

Colour palette and tone suggestion

Event layout and aesthetic + mailshot to be sent to upmarket bar/club owners

Event layout detail (drinks stands of Glayva cocktails)

Event layout detail (P.O.S stand displaying Glayva mixers)

Event booklet to be handed out at the event with information about Glayva

Glayva drink coasters to be present at event and to appear in upmarket bars, pubs and clubs

Glayva advertising on public transport

Glayva andvertising on the London Underground to target the British market as opposed to the current solely Scottish one

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