Tuesday, 8 March 2011

final glayva brief

Chris and I have condensed the brief set by Whyte & Mackay in order to make the design process a lot easier for our collaboration. By rewording and reworking the brief, we can make it so that it suits us more as designers. Here is our version of the Whyte & Mackay Glayva brief:

BRIEF TITLE: Whyte & Mackay YCN Glayva Brief Glayva Promotion

The Brief

To promote Whyte & Mackay's Glayva whiskey brand and its drink mixing capabilities to a broader audience than 40-65 year old males in the UK through contemporary promotion.

Concept Proposition

A promotional, marketing campaign that promotes Glayva in an exciting contemporary way that diverts that brand away from its traditional roots. The campaign will have the intention of designing material for the brand that fits in and around the lives of the audience.

The audience being contemporary, sophisticated characters who are socially aware and prepared to pay for quality. Marketing should be designed for character as a primary target.


  • Where will the promotion take place?
  • What is already out there and how is it done?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Appropriation of solutions?
  • Appropriate media, colour, layout, type?

  • 1x Whyte & Mackay logo
  • 1x Glayva logo

  • Course Submission - 5 presentation boards, thorough blog documentation of research and development.

    Progress Crit: 9th March
    Final Crit: 15th - 16th March
    Entry Submission: 23rd March
  • YCN Submission - Jpg. solutions emailed off to YCN by 6pm on the 23rd March.

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