Monday, 14 February 2011

image - 2d to 3d to 2d

Going by the system that Amber invented, these were the four words that I received for the given categories - object, person, location and colour:

Having taken note of these four words I produced the following image and the first aspect of 2D which was then to be passed on to someone else in order for them to 'make it 3D'. I believe that Brian received my image:

Having given my image away, I needed one myself to create a 3D representation from. I received this image from Chris Anderson. His image was created using the following:
  • Object: Ball
  • Person: Doctor
  • Place: Field
  • Colour: Red

Having received my image from Chris, I snapped up the following idea for a 3D recreation of the 2D image. The idea was to create a kind of 'diorama' which gave some depth to the doctor in the field. I chose to use a famous TV doctor for purpose of amusement.

I was keen on doing this in person. However, I did not have convenient access to a desired field.

This was the final resolution based on the above idea. The chosen TV doctor was Hugh Laurie as House. He is balancing a red ball on his head in the middle of a field scene. House was placed in front of the field scene in order to give it some depth. I feel that it has an oddly sinister feel to it but nevertheless, strange.

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