Tuesday, 1 February 2011

drawn assets for title sequence

Almost every asset in my title sequence animation is hand drawn. Here are the assets that I have drawn so far:

Abbey Road Sequence (5 seconds in)

Strawberry Fields Sequence (8-10 seconds in)

Blackbird Singing (appears between 10-20 seconds)

Notes (15-20 seconds in)

Assets for 'Beatles scene' (between 20 and 40 seconds in)



 Grave of Eleanor Rigby
 Flower (Cellophane flowers of yellow and green (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds))
 Penny Lane - The Barbers
 Sun (Here Comes The Sun)
 Black fencing on Savile Row, London
3 Savile Row, London, Apple Records Studios
 Helter Skelter
 Tangerine Tree W/Apple

Yellow Submarine Sequence (potentially 40 seconds in)

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