Monday, 17 January 2011

storyboard ideas

Some varied storyboard ideas examining how Beatles related things can be animated:

Beatles Locations

This storyboard idea explores the idea of forward camera movement through famous Beatle-related locations. Camera movement works synonymously with the idea of progression which is key to the Beatles ad throughout their musical career, their musical style progressed dramatically. If the camera progresses through buildings in a chronological order, a nice emphasis can be put on the band's progression.

This particular sequence flows through The Cavern Club in Liverpool, The Indra club in Hamburg, Abbey Road recording studios in London and Apple Recording studios on Savile Row in London which are all landmarks where the Beatles have made music.

Beatles Songs

This set of ideas focusses on animation particular Beatles songs. The notion is that they would be used as a reference to The Beatles in the opening sequence animation, and that they could be potentially used as ident features. The particular songs that needed to be used in ideas have to have strong visual overtones as well as the potential to be animated. The track name being animated is above each 4 slide mini storyboard.

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