Sunday, 16 January 2011

animating abbey road - potential starting sequence + soundtrack test

Process of animating a potential starting sequence based on Abbey Road. This is how I will process all my drawings into After Effects:

Drawing taken from the famous album cover:

Illustrator live trace after scanning:

Layer separation to work with in After Effects:

Finalising for After Effects import:

Animated with key frames in After Effects:

The video idea (no sound):

The video idea working with sound. I have utilised the soundtrack that I have chosen to use:


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  1. Hey Pav
    just so sum up what i was trying to say in the crit...
    Your idea is really strong and very identifiable in terms of image and sound and that alone will make it very watchable. The only concern i had that it could become a little bit random. The idea of using many of The Beatles iconic images i think is the way forward but i'd try pin down a fixed narrative...some kind of thread through the 50 seconds using maybe one image but then have many more interacting with it over the timeframe....just a thought. Either way try nail down a storyboard...i know exactly where i'm headed with mine because of that, and it makes it easier to explain to Mike or whoever in terms of what i'm trying to achieve.
    Oh!...and you've reminded me that i need to do more screen grabs from my after effects work......cheers!