Tuesday, 14 December 2010

after effects workshop 3


There are two options to create text.

  1. Layer > New > Text
  2. The type tool



Then you can format the text by going to Window > Character and using the window that pops up to format:

When you are happy with the text you can begin to alter it. You may change the anchor point so you can rotate the text in the composition how you like. You can press 'A' as a shortcut to get the Anchor Point Transformation option up. You can alter the values to move the anchor point on the text:

You can also use the PAN BEHIND TOOL to just click on the anchor point and freely move it:

Now you can scale and rotate around the anchor point.

Another way to alter text is in the actions menu. You need to expand the actions menu for 'Text' in the selected layer:


The first property you can change is 'Source Text'. This is a property that can be changed over time. It can be animated with Key Frames. This property animates the text to make certain letters or words appear at relevant points.

To alter you need to enable key framing (right click > add keyframe)

Then position the key frames where you want text to appear. Edit the text how you feel appropriate on the relevant key frame.

There are other ways of animating the text. You can do this by clicking on the 'Animate' arrow and then choosing your style of effect:

To edit how the text comes into position you can select 'Position' from the above menu and animate how each letter of the text comes into the frame:

You can also choose whether then text animates with each character or by each word or even by each line. This is under the 'Advanced' drop down menu in the text layer:

And this is what happens when you animate the 'word' as opposed to the characters. A pretty basic animation to be honest:


The same can be done with opacity of the text object:

This is the result:

Here is the result of this session after playing with other properties such as scale.

Here are some experiments working with masking:

I also played with the process of masking here in order to make the mountains move:

Be seeing you!

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