Tuesday, 23 November 2010

end of module evaluation - design production for print

Coming into level 5 was something of a breath of fresh air after a bit of a break after level 4 although admittedly, it was a slight shock getting straight back stuck into the work. But nevertheless, this was definitely the right way to encourage the beginnings of my own productivity and development for the year. As for starting the year in terms of starting the design production for print module, I was going into this with relatively little technical knowledge about commercial printing production and processes. The major thing that I have learnt so far is the valuable knowledge that - if not known - can completely ruin a final print when it is commercially printed. Lorenzo's seminars have proved extremely useful in conveying this professional information. And what I have enjoyed about them is that Lorenzo managed to take something with a pretty low excitement factor and make it interesting - well - for me anyway!

My understanding of designing for commercial print has greatly increased and I feel more confident about printing my own work now without having to worry too much about whether the colours will print out correctly or if the print simply doesn't match what is on screen. As well as Lorenzo's seminars, workshops with Mike Flower have been extremely useful in teaching me the nitty gritty of designing for print. As pernickety as these specifications are, they are very necessary in most - if not all - cases. What was also great about Mike's workshops were that he covered printing specifications and technicalities on Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design broadening my knowledge of the programs on the whole, although Illustrator is still definitely my strongest program to work with. Remembering all the information is very important and quite a task, but what is important to me is that I am aware of it and also that I have my blog to refer back to if I forget anything. This module has certainly professionalised my practice as a graphic designer.

A very important aspect of this module was the research into it. I definitely feel encouraged to research much more independently now. I feel like I find out more about much more relevant information to what I am doing (in terms of design process and design context) rather than just doing it for the sake of the brief. By independently researching what I need to a good extent, the brief is fulfilled as a result. I feel like my research skills have certainly become more thorough and that I have been utilising blogs effectively and relevantly. However, I do feel like I could have conducted a little more primary research in this module. Something that I have done more effectively this module compared to last year is add links to my blogs for ease of access to the viewer (and myself) to relevant things that link to whatever post is being looked at. On top of this I have been adding more tags to my blog posts to make then more easily accessible in the tags column on each blog page.

Commitment has definitely risen this year yet again. This is especially surprising to me because I felt like I was very committed last year! However, I think this just comes with the workload. It needs to be done. In the last 2-3 weeks of the module I found myself working in college until 8 or 9pm most nights. This is nothing to do with poor time management as I have a decent attendance record (as was established in my research week tutorial) the work I have been doing simply demanded it and I was determined enough to keep with it. On the subject of time management, I feel like my punctuality is absolutely fine. I don't feel like I have been disruptively late to any session in particular.

So on the whole I feel like I have definitely developed in an academic and industrial sense as a graphic designer. I say 'academic' as I believe my CTS studies are maturing my philosophical standpoint of graphic design as I develop. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement with everything. I look forward to learning more extensively about the technicalities of my career choice in order to develop a broad range of skills as a designer. Bring on digital.


Be seeing you!

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