Thursday, 20 May 2010

Pubfresh Poster (OUGD103)

As it was raised in a previous crit, a poster would be beneficial for my product range as a way of raising awareness of the existence of the product. The posters would be put up around college for 1st years to see and pursue further if their interests are aroused. With time being a factor, I had to come up with a quick, relevant and effectively communicative design that was unified with the product itself. This is the design that I produced for the poster:

I felt that constructing the type in a pint glass shape was very relevant as it hints on the actual product itself which is of course, a pint glass. The type self evidently was to match the rest of the product range by moulding into shapes hinting on late 1960s typography which can be found on my DC blog. Through the use of the closed interrogative, "Are you Pubfresh yet?", it is difficult for the poster to be ignored. If the answer is "yes" then either the poster has worked before on the person, or they discovered the product some other way. If the answer is "no", then it leads to the viewer questioning what this may be about about the use of the word "yet" is suggestive that it is almost something that is required or that it is effecting a lot of people. These are all intentional linguistic attributes tied into the design.

So this is the digitised, coloured version of the design on A2 format:

The colours matching that of the packaging to fit in the range. Pink used second to black due to its dominance in all other designs over the yellow. However, the yellow still highlights the pronoun "you", making it noticeable to the viewer making it more personal. However, the design looks a little empty on its own. Clarity of communication could also be enhanced. I made several alterations in order to try and communicate the fact that it is a poster raising awareness of a freshers pack that allows 1st years to get to know the pubs and bars of Leeds. Here are my design variations of the poster taking this into account:










I decided to go along with poster idea number 8 as my final design. The reason for this being is that I like the composition of ideas 6,7,8 and 9 over ther others as the others don't seem to work naturally. I want the eye to catch the main design first, then follow it down to a very summarised explanation. As both are type I don't want them to clash or get in the way of each other. This means a difference in scale which is what happens here. The scale means that they do not clash with each other. I chose the orange as is stands out, but not too much. All other colours in ideas 6,7 and 9 are already used in the design so the "discover Leeds' bars & pubs" blends in too much and becomes unnoticeable. The orange is used throughout the designs on other product range designs so it fits nicely and works subtly. Here's the printed poster:


Cartridge Paper & The Range

The printed poster looks nice on cartridge paper which also saves on cost. Cartridge paper has been a theme throughout the range. It is slightly off white which is what I want for the range as it gives an ever so slight worn look adding to the 60s vibe of the design. Pure white would look tacky and too polished. Cartridge paper was a quick piece of decision making for the range. After all, I cannot afford to test different stocks! However, I can get a good idea of the designs on pure white based on what I see on screen but this could equally be argued against as design on screen if far different to the printed article.


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