Thursday, 20 May 2010

Product Pint Glass Carrier (OUGD103)

After deciding that a carrier was needed for ease of transport for the product between college and wherever the particular 1st year graphic design student who picks up the pack is living, I set about a quick test to see if a hole in a strip of cartridge paper would hold the glass. The idea came from the kind of glass carriers found in pubs to collect pint glasses like these:

The glass sits comfortably in the hole so it can be easily transported around. I set about making a quick paper mock up:

The paper held the glass very comfortably so I went on to produce a neater carrier with the addition of proper handles. Staples were a quick fix to hold the carrier together:

With the carrier working well I set about producing a design for it. The design is taken directly from the pint glass itself in order to maintain consistent branding throughout the product range:

(Photos of final sleeve yet to be taken)


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