Monday, 10 May 2010

Product Development (OUGD103)

This is the documentation of how I developed this product to prove that it can work. I went and bought darts flights, pool chalk and a few cheap pint glasses from town...


Measuring and testing layers out of thin(ish) card. The main issue in crits has been the concept of layers. This will hopefully make the idea clear:

The product with installed layers holding product elements:

Removing the layers to get the products out effectively taking the product apart so that the pint glass can be used itself:

So the layers worked although thicker card would be needed in order for them to function as sturdy layers that double up ad beer mats when removed.


Next was the outer sleeve of the glass which was pretty tricky to measure up. In order for it to work correctly, I needed a curved net which was necessary for the sleeve to fit comfortably around the glass. Incorrect calculations can be found on a worksheet in cluding circumference measurements and such. I had a discussion with Karl and he suggested I ink up the edges and roll it along the paper which will give the correct curve for the net. This is the ink marking from which a net can be traced over:

And here is the sleeve after tracing, cutting out and trimming ready to be tested on the pint glass:

And the testing:

Yep! Works perfectly! It can be slid off comfortably too:

And comfortably stay on:


Next focus was the pool chalk jacket:


Pool is a very common game found in bars and pubs and the chalk is an appropriate product element that will comfortably fit in the pint glass package. The net was pretty simple really. Here's the chalk I'm using deconstructed to reveal the net of its jacket:

Simply copying this jacket net I can create my own to be applied to the chalk with the freedom to design myself:

And on the chalk itself:

Very good. And now seeing if I can make my own darts flights:


I purchased these Guinness darts flights (Guinness for no particular reason, they're just cool), and used their shape - a standard dart flight shape - to attempt to replicate:

"Acetate is a good bet", I thought. So I set about stenciling a dart to create 4 sections to make up the dart:

All these segments were folded down the middle so they created a right angle with the fold. I used blue tac to stick them together as a quick adhesive to see how well it faired:

The dart isn't that great really. It was picked up on in crits and was suggested that it would simply be easier to throw a set of genuine flights to the product as a way of saving time and increasing quality of the product. Although I wanted to have my own design on them, I feel there will be enough design to distinguish the product as it is aside from the flights. This was helpful from the crit.


I used a thicker grade of card to create some new layers/beer mats. An extra finger hold was added for ease of lifting out the glass unlike the first layers which had just one:


The map directing freshers to the yet-to-be-discovered bars and pubs of Leeds is integral to this product and so essential that the product would make no sense without it. I needed to work out a template to work with. Not only that, but one that would fold up and fit into the pint glass. I measured up the size of the top layer on which it will sit and worked out the maximum sized square that could fit in the circular layer which is that shape the map will fold to. This allows for the biggest map possible that may also be conveniently carried around in your pocket. Here is the working:

All that remained was to piece it all together and see if it held as a product.


This is the first production of the product. All products on relevant layers. The only downfall is that some kind of lid is required to plug the product and prevent the contents from falling out. However, this is yet to be dealt with. Here is the first product making and 'dismantling':

On with the designing! And whatever product developments that I should encounter on my adventure...


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