Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Pint Glass Sleeve Development (OUGD103)

Choosing the brand name:

Putting together ideas for packaging branding under the name 'Pub/Fresh' (variations acceptable include 'PubFresh', 'Pubfresh' and 'Pub Fresh'):

The influence of 60s graphics can be found on my Design Context blog. Not only are original 1960s psychedelic graphics an influence, contemporary graphics influenced by 1960s psychedelia are important as an influence to see how the style has been revived by designers such as Sarah King.

The choice of 1960s graphics is was not fallen on by accident. The fun lifestyle of the 60s is synonymous with the energy of the experience of being a student at university and this is intended to be carried into my design work. Most of the Graphic Design 1st years will be independent for the first time in September and will be looking to have fun in Freshers Week. The design relates to the nature of what is being communicated. That is, excitement and fun.

Next, putting potential branding into practice with some thumbnails. The bottom right design on the sheet above proved to be my favourite because it works with the shape of the glass the best. Here are the thumbs:

Design developments of ideas 1 and 3 working on a 1:1 scale in order to develop prototype sleeves:

The top idea was my favourite so I made the decision to use it as my design. I feel that it comfortably expresses a 1960s influence and fluidly expresses excitement through the naturally flowing shapes of the design. Here is the photocopy on the glass:

With the sleeve looking nice and snugly fitting, next followed digitisation and colour manipulation:

After mini crits with several people, most people were favouring the top right and bottom right ideas. I decided to go along with the top right idea in pink, yellow and orange because there is a higher range of tone and luminescence to the colours in the design. It is highly chromatic and jumps out far more than the bottom right blue design giving the design excitement and character making it synonymous with what the contents are associated with. Here is the design printed digitally and on the glass:

With the sleeve comfortably together, the next step becomes designing the contents of the glass...


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