Wednesday, 26 May 2010

InDesign Nat Jackson (OUGD103)

After being paired with Nat we sat down and chatted about stuff to get a better idea of each others characters in order to progress with designing. Here are some of the things I found out from Nat:
  1. FAVOURITE DESIGNER(S) - Doesn't really have one as such. If influenced by everything and anything. Suggested to look at her blog for the type of graphics she likes.
  2. FAVOURITE FONT - Helvetica!
  3. HOME TOWN - From Wetherby north of Leeds. Says its very flowery. Originally from Cumbria.
  4. FAVOURITE FOOD - Green olives. Likes Stilton cheese. Always wanted Stilton sandwiches at school when she was younger but her mum refused because of the smell.
  5. HOBBIES - Sleep appeared to be something of a big like! Would like to play netball and tennis but can't find the time.
  6. FAVOURITE BAND(S) - The Living End and Backyard Babies. Both punk bands. Likes punk.
  7. FAVOURITE PLACES - London. Wants to go and see Sister Act in the West End when she next goes. Hates a place called Villa Martin in Spain due to previous bad holiday experiences.
  8. PREVIOUS EDUCATION - Studied Psychology, Sport and Fine art at A-level. Fine Art was very graphics based for her. Studied Foundation Art at LCA.
  9. JOBS - Works as a barmaid and at New Look at the weekends. Once worked teaching gymnastics at her old school and also in a Deli bar which is where her love for green olives came from.
  10. GENERAL STUFF - Likes going to the pub. Very keen on Desperados. Is very much into Abstract art and geometric forms when it comes to visual graphics. Likes walnut wallpaper.

As encouraged by the Type & Grid sessions with Lorenzo, I produced thumbnail ideas for potential layouts for Nat. These can be found with physical hand in material.

I chose to produce idea 12 as a final DPS. Here is the final result:


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