Wednesday, 26 May 2010

End of Module Self Evaluation (OUGD103)

This module has been a big learning curve for me in lots of respects. In terms of Graphic Design practice, I have been progressing even further in the field of learning different programs. With the InDesign brief set I had to force myself to begin learning InDesign. This is a program entirely new to me and I felt pretty comfortable settling in with it. This is most likely due to the fact that many commands are similar to Illustrator which I have developed a keen familiarity with. Learning grids with Lorenzo was very beneficial whilst learning InDesign. I just wish I could've put more time in to become even more familiar with the program and create much more creative layouts as I feel the ones I produced were pretty bog standard.

My phobia of photoshop is dying. Although I have not used it as a primary program for any project in this module, I have had to use it here and there for photo manipulation and have received hint and tips which are helping me. Jack in particular has been good about offering me help with it. I plan to carry on the tutorials on the Adobe website that I started at Christmas over summer to develop my skills.

Interaction with peers has been helpful. I feel very comfortable talking to most on the course now which is very useful for advice on work around the studio. Feeling comfortable around the people you're with is very important when taking criticism from them about your work. This way I find it becomes less of a blow!

My response to crits has improved. I do my best to take things on board. Instead of being defensive about my work I find it very beneficial to ask the person commenting on my work about how I could develop it based on their criticism. This is becoming a very beneficial process.

Over the module and throughout the year, I have certainly realised how paramount research is to Graphic Design. It isn't necessarily all about solid designing. It needs to be well informed. I like to make my research very relevant to what I am doing. Not simply printing pages off Google. Research needs to be thoroughly read and taken apart to display relevant information. I like to talk to people about ideas and gain research from them by asking them questions as a form of my own primary research.

I have attempted to capitalise on my drawing abilities in my Speaking From Experience project with almost every aspect of my design work being hand drawn and Illustrator manipulated to change the colours. The risk of hand drawing is the element of perfection. A drawn design can't be too rough or it takes a long time to sort out in Illustrator. However, hand drawn design is something I intend to take further in my future work as a designer. I very much like the quality it offers to a design. I still managed to experience imperfections. Particularly on the type of my 'Pubfresh' pint glass. I am still unhappy with it.

Through a progress tutorial with Amber, we discussed my future direction as a designer. I am very keen on pushing towards editorial image and possibly layout. Christoph Niemann will always be my image-based-design hero. I would love to do what he does as a job when I graduate. Or at least after graduating at some point! I am very much looking forward to what the Image module has to offer me next year.I am skeptical about layout due to my inexperience in the field which I feel has shown through in my Type & Grid and InDesign work. However, it is definitely something that interests me and I wish to persevere. Especially as layout is almost essential knowledge to a Graphic Designer!

I feel like time management is still a bit of an issue in the back of my head. Although not with attendance as I feel like I am comfortably punctual. This module I feel like I didn't really balance out my time for InDesign and Type & Grid work evenly over other projects. Time management for blogging needs to be improved also. I end up doing most of my blogging in my accommodation which becomes lonely business without a wireless connection. Next year I intend on blogging out of College with my housemates which is far more sociable and productive.

I have begun working in a particular space against the window in Studio 2 which I enjoy. Natural light is good. I wish the studio had more of it to be honest. I can keep myself to myself by working there without people bothering me too much stuttering my work flow. Once I have a spot it becomes my desk at College I intend to try and keep working this way as it has had a positive effect on me.

All in all it has been a fantastic year. Even though it has worn me out. I've learnt a huge amount and I feel like I'm on my way to becoming a better Graphic Designer. One of my favourite phrases is becoming, "I can't wait to get paid for this." I just need to get a bit better at it, that's all!


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