Thursday, 20 May 2010

Beer Mat, Pool Chalk & Magnet (OUGD103)

The designs:


The original beer mat design scanned in. The top design references the pint glass sleeve graphics and the bottom design clarifying the purpose of the layer when it is picked out by the receiver of the product. Typographically it is unified with the products design on the whole.
DIGITISING THE DESIGN - After scanning in and live tracing on illustrator, colouring was essential. Here are different colour combinations:

Naturally, the inclination was to choose the colour combination that matches the sleeve design best. That being, the top left idea. Here is the design working in context of the packaging:

As the layer is pulled out, it becomes clear that it is also intended to be used as a beer mat.

The Beer mat fitting comfortably under the pint glass.

The beer mat is successful as a layer and a beer mat and the design unifies it with the rest of the product. It is easy to take out the glass also which is extremely important. I am pleased with how it has turned out.


This is the original scanning in of the drawn up pool chalk design. It was drawn on a 1:2 scale so that it was easier for me to draw up the design. Much like the beer mat, it is unified with the outer pint glass sleeve in its design:

LIke with the beer mat, after scanning, live tracing and colouring was next on the agenda. Following the beer mat design, colour ideas were not necessary as that dictated the form of this design:

And printed out and applied to the chalk...

The chalk design is successful in being unified with the rest of the product range through maintaining the style of type and the shape of the design. It is a very unique design compared to all other pool/snooker chalks which are very boring in design. This makes it unique and noticeable in the environment of the pool table. The stock was cartridge paper which I feel could certainly be improved as it would probably allow for the chalk to wriggle out over a short amount of time. A thinner stock and more adhesive (double sided tape) would probably be more appropriate.


Here is the original scan of the magnet template:

Next step, live trace and colours:

This was a simple typographic design for the fridge magnet. The pink ring links it with the beer mat. However, on printing, the circle was a little too large meaning that the pink ring had to be removed. This - ideally - should be resolved for the pink ring to appear on the design. However, if time cannot be found, the design still works nicely enough on its own:


Due to a very early crit I decided against making the darts flights to have my own design on them due to how precise actual darts flights are. It is quality that is extremely difficult to replicate. So I was simply advised to add some bought flights to the bottom of the glass. I bought these Guinness ones mainly due to the fact that they were pretty cheap. I also liked the idea of Guinness due to their reputable history of graphic design for advertising the stout. This makes the flights relevant to the graphic design students who would be receiving the pack. Here are the flights from the product:

And a couple of famous pieces of Guinness graphic design which makes them relevant to the pack:

John Gilroy, 1936

Here is this glass so far. What is needed is the cork lid for the glass to be complete:


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