Saturday, 3 April 2010

Visual Language - Timeline (OUGD104)

This session of Visual Language was focussed heavily around the idea of creating a timeline in order to convey information. The session was a good insight into information graphics and presenting information - that could easily be conceived as uninteresting - in an interesting way.

Throughout the session we worked in pairs in order to construct a basic visual timeline that communicated events that happened in our lives as well as throughout our daily routine. I worked with Sam and this is the timeline that we produced:

Each symbol (mine are on the top of the timeline and in black (Sam's are in grey)) is related to a certain event in my life or daily routine (Life is on the 'x' axis and day is on the 'y' axis). It is interesting how most events seem to have happened in my later life so far. This shows how timelines are very useful in deducing the significance of all things chronological. And also that this information does not necessarily have to be uninterestingly presented.

Symbols are an effective visual way of communicating information clearly and attractively and are extremely necessary in the vocabulary of any form of visual language within Graphic Design. After all... we are being train to communicate visually.

The use of symbols all works with the common ideology of suggesting that a picture can speak a thousand words. Although in this case, the symbol is the picture.

All in all this was a useful session as I personally find information graphics interesting and I hope to utilise the skills that I have learnt in my own personal development as a designer.


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