Saturday, 6 March 2010

Visual Language - Book Fair Books (OUGD104)

Working with my concept of categorised textures, I went out and photographed loads of different textures with the intention of categorising them. Each book I produced contained a different type/style of texture. The books work best as a series or a set which are a nice set of texture reference books for designers to scan through to help develop ideas. One of the main negatives is the readability of the word 'texture' on the back of the books as a few people have struggled to read it. However, after a couple of seconds it becomes obvious what it says.

Here are my books photographed:

Example of the 'Plant' book

The Front and Back Cover to the 'Glass' Book

Each book will be selling for £1.50 at the annual artists and designers book fair at Leeds University on Saturday the 13th of March.

I think they work very well as a set. However, individually some of the books don't work quite as well due to the lack of interesting subject matter. For example, 'Outdoor Floor' isn't really a subject matter people jump at!

Nevertheless, I believe the books offer a unique perspective on things and forces you to look at things in life that almost everyone bypasses and take for granted. There are interesting textures all around us. We just don't realise it.


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