Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Visual Language - Book Reconstruction (OUGD104)

This session was a response to the research into 5 different examples of book reconstruction that we had to find over the Christmas break. The fact that we had to base the reconstruction of our own book around the title and contents made it an interesting visually communicative exercise. Especially in using the unusual medium of a book. It was nice to see the book being moulded into a physical representation of what it is about itself.

The book I had was entitled, "Short answers to very large questions." It was a free book I picked up and essentially outlined arguments as responses to questions that would usually require quite some debate such as, "Can life have meaning without God?" Here is my resolution:

I essentially turned the book into a giant question mark as I felt that this was the most appropriate way of visually representing the book. All in all, an interesting and creative task whilst still maintaining the point of communication within Graphic Design.


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