Thursday, 11 February 2010

Photoshop Postcards (OUGD102)

After the photoshop workshops with Simon, I produced the following 10 postcards as a response to the brief set:

'Postcard 1 Front'

'Postcard 1 Back'

'Postcard 2 Front'

'Postcard 2 Back'

'Postcard 3 Front'

'Postcard 3 Back'

'Postcard 4 Front'

'Postcard 4 Back'

'Postcard 5 Front'

'Postcard 5 Back'

'Postcard 6 Front'

'Postcard 6 Back

'Postcard 7 Front'

'Postcard 7 Back'

'Postcard 8 Front'

'Postcard 8 Back'

'Postcard 9 Front'

'Postcard 9 Back'

'Postcard 10 Front'

'Postcard 10 Back'

Creating these postcards was a great beginner Photoshop exercise for me as I'm not particularly familiar with the program. The way the postcards work are that on the front is a photo of the object and the background it sits on is the Pantone colour that my group and I decided the object was in the visual language session from which the photographs came visual language. The back simply states the Pantone colour itself.

A generally pretty worthwhile task for me personally and I feel that the result is relevant and easy to understand.


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