Thursday, 25 February 2010

Don't Panic Posters - 'Vogue' (OUGD103)

This live brief had the simple requirement of presenting an interpretation of the word, 'vogue' to create a poster that people would buy to put on their bedroom walls. I designed four potential posters after some visual development to cook some ideas up in my head.

Visual brainstorming the possibilities of how the notion of 'vogue' could be represented visually:

Here are a couple of draft sketches I threw out which my ideas sprung from:

The 4 poster ideas that came as a result. The concept of 'Vague' tying in with 'Vogue' came from optical illusions. Particularly circular ones which can be found on my DC blog:

The concept is that what can be defined as vogue is interpreted subjectively which can make the term vague in itself. Each poster looks to push the readability of the word(s) within it through the use of a large amount of concentric circles to distort the type. On all the ideas, the letter 'A' fights with the letter 'O' in the word which further alters the readability but not too much so it can be left open to interpretation just like the latest fads and trends that some people choose to describe as vogue.

After printing the posters, I do feel that the type could still be distorted more through a greater degree of transparency and more concentric circles so that it becomes more illusionary to tie with the concept of the posters. However, I do feel that the posters work well aesthetically in consideration of the fact that they had to be designed to be put on bedroom walls. The concentric circles work visually to produce a strong, geometric image.

The reason I have chosen circles is that they have always represented the idea of perfection and infinity. By sticking to the latest fashions and what is 'vogue' people are striving to look good. The notion of 'looking good' strongly relates to the human desire for perfection which people falsely believe can be found through what is 'vogue'. For example, the perfect body, size zero, and the latest trend. Vogue is vague as its always changing and therefore has nothing to do with the perfect form/image.

Here's the final poster hanging up:


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