Friday, 1 January 2010

100 Photography (OUGD102)

Here are the 100 photos that I used for this project categorised in their original categories:






In the session involving we were asked to choose some categories more or less at random and attempt to categorise someone elses photos. Here is my effort at categorising Matt's:

'Matt's Photos Categorised'

And here is Jo's effort at categorising mine:

'Jo Categorising My Photos'

The next task involved categorising someone elses photos alphabetically in some way. I categorised Ellie's. Here was how I did:
'Ellie's Photos Categorised Alphabetically'

All in all the exercise was useful as way of encouraging broader thinking in terms of categorisation. It pushed the boundaries of association and made you think outside the box in terms of how you can associate an object with a category e.g. I associated neon lights with airports due to the large amount of shops and restaurants in them. It was a good thinking session to blend us into OUGD102 in my opinion.


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