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What If... (OUGD102)

To begin with we brainstormed around our general topic of Journeys and Traveling:

Here is a sample of research collected when looking into how many people cycle in Leeds. It was pretty key in deciding that we were to focus around the original problem of not enough people cycling.

Here are the presentation boards stating our original intentions with the project. The Middle board accounts for a large amount of the research we did as a group:

After the week 1 crit, it was established that we had to approach our topic from another direction. Instead we approached the topic by saying, "If you're going to cycle, then do it correctly to stop accidents happening".

After a further weeks research - of which can be obtained in my ring binder - with my group (Me, Aaron, Chris, Jonny, Karl and Steph) based around the general notion of journeys and traveling, we managed to narrow our research (primary and secondary) down to the area of cycling in Leeds and how dangerous it is. Treading carefully around the subject, we went with the following problem to investigate:

Problem: Cyclists in Leeds are ignorant to the potential dangers of using the road.

The five following facts were most prominent in making our decision on this problem:
  1. 20% of all road accidents involve a cycle.
  2. 90% of West Yorkshire's cycling accidents occur in urban areas.
  3. Cycling campaigns have encouraged a rush of inexperienced riders.
  4. 25% of cyclists killed are under the age of 16.
  5. 60% of fatal cycle accidents have been caused by the cyclists.
The intention was to inform and educate a target audience of cyclists aged from 18 - 40 of these facts in order to direct them to be safer cyclists on the roads of Leeds.

A lot of my original ideas were based around a very prominent piece of research which was about how a lot of accidents are being caused by inexperienced cyclists listening to their ipods. This was a big topic in newspapers at the time. Here are my original sketched thumbnail ideas that I pitched to the rest of the group:

After we took a good look at everyones ideas in the group for a mail shot (for which we were basing all other aspects of this campaign around), it was decided that I was to move away from the ipod notion of the design as it was much too specific. So our team leader Aaron suggested we move on to some more detailed computer based designs to pitch to the group as a next step. The one which the majority liked would be used. Here were my mail shot ideas that I pitched:

Idea 1

This idea was based around thumbnail 2.

Idea 2.0

Idea 2.1

Idea 2.2

Idea 2.3

Idea 2.4

Idea 2.5

Idea 2.6

Idea 2.7

Idea 2.8

Idea 3.0

Idea 3.1

The previous series of designs are done in the colour that they are as it is a close representation to the colour of most cycle lanes in Leeds. The ideas are all different variations of each other and they strongly relate to the idea of combining our campaign with the nationwide Think! campaign due to the fact that it hardly considers cyclists in raising awareness of danger on the roads. We this as very relevant in terms of our problem.

I also produced an idea for a fold-out poster to fit into the mail shot:

Poster Idea

And two billboard ideas. The whole idea of having a billboard is so that pedestrians and car drivers who do cycle can see them. They are not necessarily aimed at just people who are cycling which is something that was horribly misinterpreted after we gave our presentation. Here they are:

Billboard Idea 1.0

Billboard Idea 1.1

The logo was developed mainly by Karl and was intertwined into the other designs:

This was the final set of logos we ended up with:

This colour scheme paved the way for Chris' sticker ideas:

Sticker Ideas 1

Sticker Ideas 2

The designs for which they were adapted to had an input from all of us as we were all present at the time of designing as best we could. Here are the billboards that were produced. They display the slogan we decided on:

Billboard 1

Billboard 2

We produced a webpage which was predominantly done by Karl:

Webpage 1

Webpage 2

Here is the final poster we decided to go with:


Here are the final sticker designs we went with:


We went along with Aaron's idea of creating a stencil shape to spray on pavements as a way of raising this awareness through guerilla advertising:

Stencil Design

And finally, we decided to go with a mail shot design that was a poster that folded up into a triangle to be sent out to bike shops across Leeds so cyclists could see the poster when being able to take time to look at it. This is the poster design and the shape it fold out from:

Mail Shot Inner

Mail Shot Outer

So that's more or less what we managed to produce as a group. I felt that the group I was with worked well together as there were no conflicts or arguments during design development process.


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