Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Visual Language - Photography 3 (OUGD104)

This is the work from my Visual Language session on 15/12/09.

After reviewing my previous photographs of sets of three and the number three, I decided that I wanted to develop further photographs working with the theme of repetition and texture as this seemed to occur in some of the photos I had previously taken. The photos were taken outside of the premises of LCA. Here are my favourite ten photos that I took:

I chose these photos as I began to focus on filling the frame with the repetition of texture and was pretty pleased with how it was working out. Each photo has its own characteristics of repetition which makes each texture unique. It was also quite interesting how prominent the repetition of very definite, hard-edged shapes was in the city environment. For me, this works in expressing the man-made, structured, unnatural order of a city environment. Although that's another kettle of fish.

All in all, the repetition of shape filling the frame of the photograph works to form a strong visual image.


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