Thursday, 15 October 2009

Visual Language - Type 2 (OUGD104)

This is the work that I produced in my Visual Language session on Tuesday 13/10/2009. The idea of the session was to communicate the notion of scale through the letterform of 'A' in different fonts and cases.

After creating 5 ten by ten squares of our own compositions to communicate scale we swapped with a random person and chose what we thought to be the least effective composition and produced 3 variations of it in order to develop the communication of scale. This was the composition I thought to be least effective:

'Least Successful Representation of Scale'

These are the two least effective variations I made in my opinion:

'Two Least Successful Variations I Made'

And with the most successful variation I went on to make 3 variations of that particular variations. (Bearing in mind I am still communicating the idea of 'scale' here.) Here they are. The top left is my original variation.

'Variations of my Favourite Variation'

So with the remaining 4 compositions I was left with, I then constructed 3 variations for each of them. (The top left composition in the set of 4 displayed will always be the one I received from another course mate.) Here they are:

'Variations 1'

'Variations 2'

'Variations 3'

(Stuck on wall in Studio 4. Image yet to be gained.)

'Variation 4'

So that concludes my exercise in understanding the communication of 'scale' through using letterforms as shapes. Although the exercise was admittedly tedious, I did see a point to it and it did help me gain a better awareness of scale when using letterforms and type, not to mention the notion of scale in general in terms of Graphic Design.


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