Saturday, 24 October 2009

Visual Language - Type 3 (OUGD104)

This Visual Language task was undertaken on 20/10/2009. The task was to work with several sized boxes so that when looked at directly head on through a viewfinder, a letterform would appear on the boxes as a flat image when in fact different sections of the letterforms would be on different boxes that are at different distances from the viewfinder. The description becomes clearer with the following images:

My group, (Me, Arthur, Alice, Aaron, Chris S. and Will S.) chose to try and make a lower case letter 'g'.

This was the final setup of the boxes:

This is the final result through the 10x10 cm viewfinder as best I could photograph it:

And here's the letterform a bit closer up:

We were all really pleased with the result as we chose a very hard letterform to produce for the task in hand and I personally felt that the exercise was very beneficial in terms of understanding scale and how it works in 3D more. We also worked well as a team together as we were all very co-operative with each other and tried to work as efficiently as possible to get the task done. All in all, a good exercise.


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