Monday, 19 October 2009

Alphabet Soup - Part 2 (OUGD101)

For this brief, I was paired up with Will Skane-Davis. After interviewing him and noting on his personality traits that stood out to me, I concluded that I was going to base my typeface for him around 4 words which were:
  1. Happy
  2. Joyous
  3. Excitable
  4. Down-to-earth
To me I saw the common denominator as the word 'friendly' which worked as a catalyst in order to help communicate the 4 words I had chosen.

With this in hand I set about finding my typefaces and constructing ideas based around them. I ended up with 54 ideas spanning across 8 different typefaces. Here they are:

So after creating these ideas I chose my favourite ones which I felt communicated the typeface most effectively and made some prototype typefaces on sheets of A4 paper and tracing paper. Here they are:

'Typeface Idea 1'

'Typeface Idea 2'

'Typeface Idea 3'

'Typeface Idea 4'

'Typeface Idea 5'

Not surprisingly, I went on to choose my favourite typeface from the prototypes to go on to produce a final solution following advice from the week one crit I had. This was my result:

'Typeface for Will Skane-Davis'

And along with the typeface I produced my name badge for Will in order to show how the typeface works together:

'Badge for Will Skane-Davis'

In considering my final solution to the problem, I feel that the typeface communicates what I intended for it to communicate successfully due to its lack of serious connotation and organic effect to the stroke. Although admittedly, this effect on the stroke was very difficult to achieve without making it look like I just scrawled around the letterform with a black pen. This appeared to be a main factor in my crit in relation to my typeface.

I liked the concept of using the colour yellow due to its association with happiness although it was difficult combining it with black without inciting danger. However, I felt the texture of the stroke on each letterform shifted the sense of danger to highlight the 'happy' and 'friendly' aspect of the font. But nevertheless, I produced some potential developments of my typeface in order to express where I would've changed it. Here they are:

'Development Ideas'

The ideas above were produced as a reaction to my crit. Some were ideas I was asked to try out to see if they would work better than my final solution whereas others were my own ideas that I felt kept to the brief and more successfully answered the brief in relation to what was said to me in the crit. I was very particular about the quality of line in producing these ideas to make the stroke seem organic yet well constructed as in the original solution one of the main issues was that the stroke looked organic but not very well constructed. Taking more time over the stroke certainly make a difference in my opinion.

I chose my favourite idea and produced the first 6 letters of the alphabet to state my intentions if I were to carry this even further. Here they are:

'Favourite Developed Idea'

I chose this particular idea as I believe it works in communicating Will's happy and friendly character just as much - if not more - than if it was yellow. I didn't like how the slightest implication of danger was implied through the combination of yellow and black so I thought it was best to remove the yellow. The typeface itself is much more manipulated from the original 'Green Piloww' typeface too and it still maintains the organic feel to communicate friendliness, yet this time, more time has been taken over the construction of the stroke to imply a finer finish. I have to agree that it is more successful, but getting an organic stroke like this right is extremely difficult. Nevertheless, I still see this as a successfully communicative development.


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