Monday, 5 October 2009

Alphabet Soup - Part 1 (OUGD 101)

The word in which I was given to communicate through my letterforms was 'Deconstruct'. I looked up synonyms of this word to help me get a better idea of different ways in which I could communicate the notion of deconstruction through a letterform then I straight away set about coming up with ideas for my 10 letterforms. I came up with 40 ideas. Here they are:

And so from all these ideas I simply chose my favourite 10 which I felt best communicated the notion of deconstruction in the most interesting ways. I wanted there to be 10 separate letterforms rather than 10 that work as a set because I just felt it would be nicer to have a broad range of ideas as I felt it was more interesting to explore. Here are the final 10 with their font listed beneath that I have manipulated:


'OCR A Std.'

'Hoefler Text'

'Brush Script STD.'



'Modern no. 20'


'Bauhaus 93'

'OCR A Std.'

And here they all are together:

I feel pleased with the solutions I produced. I am particularly pleased with the 'F' in the top left corner as I feel it's quite a clever concept to convey deconstruction through a letterform.


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