Friday, 25 September 2009

Some Art Foundation Work

I did my Art Foundation at Loughborough University and I thought I'd put up some of my work from it to get started on the blog.

The following couple of bits are from a book cover design brief for a short story entitled 'The Shadow Industry'.

Typographical Ideas

Finalised Ideas Ready To Be Scanned Onto The Computer

The following video is a stop motion animation as a solution to a brief entitled, 'Tell A Lie' where we had to make a lie convincing. It was a group brief. There were 3 of us and I was one of two who were responsible for coming up with everything that happens in the animation as well as taking all the photographs for it and moving the toys.

When Toys Come To Life

The next bit is ideas from my Final Major Project which I titled 'Science Vs. Religion', where I was communicating the conflicting areas in Science and Religion mainly through image. This made me seem like a raging atheist when I am in fact agnostic! I just find the topic interesting.

Some Of My Project Ideas

The following bits are from a creative brief where we were encouraged to produce any kind of communicative designs from a set of still life drawings of random things (Some of which involved people).

'Another Kettle of Fish' Idea

An Idea Based Around Double Meaning

And finally, a couple of ideas for the really pretentious concept of communicating the fact that the Communist Chinese Government have recently taken a very Capitalist approach by endorsing consumerist goods, which people go out to buy, which essentially helps to keep the Communist Government in power. Bit of a confusing mouthful.

Chairman Mao Absolutely Loves It

Chairman Mao Says, "Buy Bassetts Allsorts!"

So to conclude...


Hopefully I'll get the hang of it on the course!


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