Sunday, 27 September 2009

How To... (OUGD101)

In the group of 6 i was in, we had the problem of solving a brief entitled, 'How to stay safe in Leeds'.

After some vigorous vocal and written brainstorming we all decided that a lot of dangerous things that happen - for example - muggings, abductions and attacks, seem to happen a lot when the victims are under the influence of alcohol and usually alone.

Admittedly, the group of us lacked in research in the field, although we felt we had good enough reason to design a campaign for people to keep in groups when on a night out drinking in order to increase safety. Hence the whole idea behind the campaign being the slogan, "Safety In Numbers".

We figured the best way to market it would be on merchandise easily accessible to people on a night out drinking. Our best idea was beer mats due to how relevant they are and also stickers and cardboard glasses as they easily grab peoples attention. The general design would be synonymous amongst the different objects. Here are my preliminary ideas which I pitched to the group:

After a good deal of deliberation during the progress of these 'beer mat' ideas, we seemed to like the idea of having individual beer mats for the letters, 'S', 'A', 'F' and 'E' quite a lot. So we moved into the digital side of work which is less my speciality although I did my best to contribute by directing designs to Jack and Amy, our people with the most Photoshop experience.

After some digital experimentation relating to drawn designs, we came out with the following 4 beer mat ideas:

And two flip-side ideas of which there were two of each across the four beer mats:

The general design was transferred to a circular sticker and a template for the glasses in order to still communicate the message clearly through a different form. These are the designs we came up with:

Having printed these up in the relevant media of paper, an essential part was to display them in use at a pub/bar. This was definitely not an excuse to have a few drinks I might add. Here are a couple of photos of the final products in use:

Unfortunately I haven't yet managed to get any photos of the stickers and glasses in use yet, although I feel that everything went down very well for us in terms of the solution to the problem. People were even asking for stickers and we ran out!

I was very pleased with how this project turned out and I believe that our team worked strongly and constructively together.


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